Textured Concrete Overlays
We use polymer modified cement along with special binders
and aggregates to create a variety of textures and patterns.
These products can be colored and shaped to provide a
wonderful assortment of visual and textural effects for walls,
floors, columns, etc.  As thin as a credit card or as thick as
you need it, we'll build a durable custom surface for your
special needs.
Concrete micro-topping covers up 60 years of abuse in
this downtown Atlanta warehouse gone condo.
Faux rocks are created faster, cheaper and with less
of a mess than trying to do this with the real thing.
Textured overlays turn plain old concrete into architectural accents.
High Tech Surface Solutions Specializes in decorative and protective coatings for
industrial, commercial and residential customers. We combine faux painting
techniques with special blends of polymer modified cements to create a variety of
textured effects. The look of rock walls and columns, brick and stone pavers,
tiles,etc., all with traditional or fanciful colors can be installed over a variety of
surfaces to create a new look for your home or business.
We can use stencils,
stamps and freehand sculpture and engraving to create a variety of hardscapes
whose beauty and durability tie in and with your environment and compliment your
decorating designs.
High Tech Surface Solutions, Inc.
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