Diacrete is diamond polished concrete
Concrete can be chemically hardened and then mechanically polished to
a beautiful shine. The polished surface is part of the floor and will never
peel, crack or fade. It will be easy to clean and resistant to oil, fuel
spills, hydraulic fluid, etc.
Diacrete makes a
great  floor for this
Lowe's retail
center.  Polished
concrete is easy
to clean and heavy
slides across the
floor without
leaving scratches.
This Diacrete floor
will never need
waxes or sealers.
The hardened and
polished concrete
surface resists
scratching and will
never peel or
Color stains
can be
during  the
process to
beautiful and
The Diacrete system was developed by High Tech Surface Solutions, Inc. back in the '90's as part of our
efforts to provide industrial customers with a permanent, easy to maintain flooring system. We have
incorporated existing technologies along with our own tools and techniques to create a process that
delivers a superior performing floor. We have installed acres of finished product over the past decade
and are constantly seeking new and innovative techniques to improve our process. Smooth, hard and
shiny, Diacrete floors can be created in the natural color of the concrete or colored with acid stains or
dyes for permanent flooring applications
The shiny Diacrete finish will always
be there for this plant's operations.
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