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Floor Preparation and Coating Removal
Proper floor preparation is fundamental to the success of any floor coating operation.  
Like construction, personal relations and spiritual growth, if you don’t build on a good
foundation your finished product will not withstand the test of time. With concrete, this
means you need to get to a sound and solid substrate before you start to coat or
rebuild. Any loose or friable material needs to be removed and a good bonding profile
needs to be established before re-coating can begin.

At High Tech Surface Solutions, Inc., we have acquired many years of experience in
getting concrete ready for polishing, staining, overlays, protective coatings, etc. After
working in manufacturing facilities, chemical plants, paper mills, warehouses and many
other places where concrete has been used and abused, we have seen concrete in  
conditions ranging from pristine to unusable. We’ve been through the mill and have  
developed the techniques and the equipment to get concrete ready for resurfacing.

In addition to polishing concrete and the many coating options we offer, High Tech
Surface Solutions often partners up with other contractors to remove existing floor
coverings and prepare concrete for tiling, carpeting or re-coating. Our floor prep
arsenal includes ride on floor scrapers, planetary and circular grinding equipment, shot
blasters and high pressure water blasters, as well as all sorts of hand tools and buckets
of elbow grease.

If you are interested in how we can help your company or in house maintenance staff
prepare concrete for a new surface treatment, please give us a call. We are based in
Grayson (Gwinnett County), Georgia. We primarily serve the Metro Atlanta area, all of
Georgia and the surrounding states.  
Services offered:
epoxy removal
tile removal
carpet removal
concrete grinding
concrete overlays
concrete patching and repairs
moisture abatement
concrete waterproofing